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I'm Not Perfect
I hate odd numbers, except the number nine. Five isn’t that bad either, but three-- oh I hate three.  But nine—nine has glorious curves, soft in every way. Look at it – 9. It just looks like a nice number!  And no one can argue about the sort of symmetry that it has—it’s divisible by three, but three is also its square root.  Certain numbers pop up in my life like signs from God. Like twenty-six.  They just show up there. I was born on September 9, 1990. For those of you who can’t do calendars—that’s 9/9/90. I had a golden birthday.  9/9/99—I turned nine. At 9:07 AM – that little bit always irks me, but it reminds me that I’m not perfect. That God picked me especially for my family and that it all was intentional. Everything He does for me is intentional. Even sticking me with my weird tendencies.
I like order. Order makes me happy. But it has to be my order.  No one else&
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I can’t go to bed
Knowing anyone I love
Is sad
Or hurt
I can’t lie
I try to be moral
But sometimes
I have poor social skills.
I have issues
In large situations
That involve the focus
I’m not usually an
Attention hog.
I can’t figure out
How to be
But to everyone
I already am.
I have
Attitude around adults
To everyone
I have the perfect life.
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I breathe in
Try to let the words out
My knees shake
Even though I am sitting
I crumble inside
Everything is breaking
The glass is shattering
The tears flow
I can’t do this
I can’t be a part of it.
But this
Is a part of me.
It’s not going to float
Away on a lovely cloud
Out into the wilderness.
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Mature content
I'm Scared of Too Many Things :iconbluebird9990:bluebird9990 0 0
Mid-conversation, I feel a tap on my shoulder. I turn around to see the friendly face of Daria. She tells me that their table is taking a picture… oh prom. Since I am no longer sitting at their table due to certain hmm… complications let’s say, I feel a surge of appreciation for her as a good friend. Despite her little idiosyncrasies that may irritate me, I still count her as a good friend with good morals and values. I mean, it’s not her fault that everything has to be perfect and I understand the need for control of things sometimes because it happens to me too.
As gracefully as I can manage in three-inch heels, I get up from the table and join all those people who were supposed to be my table in the front hall of the hotel.
“This is for table pictures.” Brooke spat out of her hideous mouth. As straight as those teeth may be, her tongue can only tell lies.  
“Yes. I know. Daria invited us.” I can barely contain it… I’m comin
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How did
My clothes run away?
My stark white skin
Showing I am of high class
Now desecrated by my nudity
I am caught
I am caught
One has my arm and my body
The other
A note and my eyes.
Who to choose?
The poor one with the loveable beard
Or the chubby rich one:
I am guaranteed security.
I am caught
I have no choice.
My muscles tense in my back,
My dress crumpled beneath me
Starts to slip
To the ground.
The on-looking angels
Do nothing
To aid me.
Help me
I am caught.
My hair still perfectly plaited
And entwined,
Intricately interwoven
Like my feelings for them both.
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Norman Rockwell
“I didn’t do it!”
“You broke the window, Jerry!”
“Jerry Fiser- get your bee-hind over here right now or Imma tell your mama tuh sendja off tuh military school.”
That was it. I’m gonna be in so much trouble it’s not even funny.
Those were the words—I knew to get my butt over to her. Mrs. (???)’s rings with the blue stones—I forget what they’re called—and the diamonds shine so much and oh my goodness I almost fell.
“Please, please don’t tell my mother!” –  the big baby move, but I really need to save myself here if I don’t want to end up … I can’t even think the words—it’s too painful!
“It’s just not my fault”—begging her, I’m now actually on my knees, trying to get out of the worst punishment possible. She gives me that mom look—that knowing look that goes right through you and into every part of yo
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Drive-In Movie
Her car winked at me as I passed by. The lights flashed as she walked to her car but she wasn’t even unlocking it. You know those little things that happen sometimes that can’t possibly be coincidental but totally are? That’s how I knew. I couldn’t see her face, yet somehow I knew there was another solitary soul peacefully  enjoying the drive-in. I’m not one of those people who believe in things being “fate” or “meant to be” but somehow, I could feel in her a companion spirit, someone else in this gigantic world that possibly conceived the beauty of being alone.
I first learned about how much I loved being alone while making out with my first girlfriend. We were a “summer fling,” not really a couple, but we had fun while it lasted. Somehow I could never really enjoy it as much as she did though, and I couldn’t figure it out for the longest time. But when our body temperatures started to match the ones of those hot su
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Lorenzo and Isabella
You—you there. You are in your own world, consumed not by the robin’s egg blue perfect sky, nor by the flowers delicately hanging from the trellises. No one will meet your gaze to bring you out of your haze. The intricate patterns on the wall do not entrance you. The day is still, yet there is a movement in the air—it feels of familiarity and home. Your hair tightly coiled and wound down to the small of your back, almost as if it is a rope for someone to chain you by. The dog coming to snuggle into your thigh does not take you out of this trance—you simply place your ivory hand on his head.
You do not love this man, so you shut yourself off. By removing yourself, you are finally free. Nothing can bind you to this earthly world. He does not notice the change in you, only your physical being. To him, you are nothing more than your body. He sees only the way your dress is fitted to your torso, the slim tenderness and fragility of your figure, the way your dress drapes
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More Baby :iconbluebird9990:bluebird9990 0 1 Baby :iconbluebird9990:bluebird9990 0 0
I’ll never forget.
I’ll meet you in dreamland
Sweet dreams
Sleep tight
Since I can’t fall asleep I listen to our songs
And pray
That this lasts forever
And that it’s not a dream.
Hold me now.
Wouldn’t it be nice?
I count slowly
To make the time pass.
Rescue me, take me in your arms--
True love waits
Y la vida es un carnaval.
As you wish.
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Can this be us some day? :iconbluebird9990:bluebird9990 0 3 NYC. Memorial Day Weekend '07 :iconbluebird9990:bluebird9990 0 1 Can't Look in Your Eyes :iconbluebird9990:bluebird9990 0 1
I Wait.
Can cause
So many mistakes
So many falsities
It's more than the body can take.
It's more than anyone
Can bearů
Why must we wait?
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